About us


Why choose Us?

We know, another skincare brand *eyeroll*, seriously, we get it! But we promise, we're different. 


Hi, I'm Crystal! The director and formulator at Muse By Gaia.

Muse By Gaia was born out of frustration. I suffer from skin disorders such as acne, dermatitis and eczema, and a genetic hair loss issue called androgenic alopecia.  Having spent thousands of dollars on scalp & skin treatments to help my problematic hair and skin, I was always left feeling worse off, having my skin issues flare up from harsh products and my hair just getting more frail as time went by. I've always had a nack for making skincare and remedies - so I took matters in to my own hands and applied myself to study cosmetic formulation, and acquired a diploma, and then my advanced diploma in cosmetic formulation. I spent years researching and working on and testing my formulations, incorporating the most premium quality ingredients for the most optimum results, with no bull marketing - I strive myself on being an honest person and that applies to the ethics at Muse By Gaia too.

Muse By Gaia was never created to profit off people, but to share our powerful products with the world, in hopes to help anyone that suffers with the same issues that I did. 

At Muse By Gaia we have big ambitions to make a change in the industry, in any way we can. 

Solar Powered Manufacturing Facility 

From December 2023 our products will be produced and packed in a solar powered facility.

Small Batch

We make our products in small batches, keeping our products fresh, saving waste and over-use of precious essential oils and ingredients. Our products go straight from our hands, to you! 

Simple Skincare 

We believe that un-complicated skincare works best for skin. Over complicating and over doing it with skincare can affect our skin in a negative way - not to mention our wallet! We feel that the skin thrives with simplicity.

Top quality ingredients 🍃

We're obsessed with the quality of our ingredients and the difference they make to the efficacy of our skincare. Our products contain the highest grades of natural and synthetic ingredients available.

Cruelty Free 🐰

We don't test our products on furry angels! Our products are trialed & tested on human babes. 

Reducing Waste 🌏


We do our best to be plastic free, using only glass, or recyclable packaging, and no over-the-top packaging.
Extra product packaging and fancy un-boxings may look super pretty and add a second of excitement, but they are quickly binned, forgotten and just add an un-necessary burden to the planet.

Refill & recycle program

We have implemented a refill and recycle option. Simply email us at hello@musebygaia.com and we will email you through a shipping label, pack and leave your bottles at your doorstep and that's it! 


Small business

We are a small, female owned business based in Sydney, Australia. 🤍


We donate a percentage each year from our sales to Women's Earth Alliance. We share the honest details of our donations over in Instagram and via email.




We would absolutely love for you to reach out to us at hello@musebygaia.com if you have any suggestions of any way we can better ourselves for our community and Mother Earth.