Earth Conscious

Earth is our home and it's about time we start treating her like it. We are committed to leaving as small a footprint as we can, and will continue to work towards cleaner options. 

One option we are thrilled to offer is a packaging return & refill option. 

We have not found a quality refill option yet, we refuse to use soft plastics as a refill component for our refills as this just creates more plastic waste and defeats the purpose, we are working on a smoother process, and a biodegradable refill packet option.

So how this works -

Return 2 empty product bottles back to us, (keep your old box to return your bottles in), and we will sterilise and refill these bottles and send back to you.

Pop an email over to us at and we will send you through a postage paid label to print and apply to your package. You won't pay any shipping during this process.

Leave your package at your door step and we will arrange for pickup!

That's it. 

Currently only available for Blue Moon, Strengthen, and The Potion. 


We also offer a recycling option, basically the same as our refill option.

Simply return 2 or more bottles back to us by emailing us at, and we will send you a postage paid label to return the bottles. We will sterilise these bottles and reuse.

Bottles must be in a condition fit for re-use, we will use new pumps due to hygiene conditions, we are working on sourcing PCR pumps.