Frequently asked questions.

"My oils have particles in them, is this normal?"

After we infuse our oils with dried herbs we carefully use a double filter method to remove the herbal residue from the oils. Although we very carefully double strain our oils to remove as much herbal infusion as possible, there may still be some particles left behind. This is actually beneficial as the oils have some extra time to infuse those beneficial nutrients into the oil. Just give the bottle a nice shake before using to disperse any trace of infusion that may be left behind.


"Can I heat my hair oils before using?"

Adding some warmth while hair oiling really increases the penetration of oil further into the scalp and strands - how ever, we don't recommend heating the bottle of Strengthen, this speeds up the oxidisation process of the oil and it may not last as long. Instead we recommend applying the oil to hair and applying a hot towel or heat cap to push the oil deeper in to the cuticle.

"My hair still feels a little greasy after washing my oil treatment out"

That's okay! it takes a little while to figure out hair oiling. You may be using a little too much oil for your hair type. You don't need as much oil as you think! Just use enough to coat your hair until it just feels coated, not super oily and saturated. It's also a good idea to double shampoo you hair to make sure all the oils are removed.

"How long will it take to see results for my skin?"

Results and time will vary with each individual. Skin takes 28 days to renew - so you will notice a big change within your skin from around 4 weeks of using any skin products.

For our Strengthen Scalp & Hair Oil, you should start to see a difference from 12 weeks onwards. Most people will start noticing a change within overall hair health (softness, shine ect) from the first use. 

 "I have oily skin, won't putting oils on my skin make it oilier?"

It does sound silly to add more oil to oily skin, but adding oils to oily skin will help to balance your skin! If skin is stripped of oils/moisture, it causes skin to produce more oil. Our facial serums are carefully blended with non-comedogenic oils that are known to balance both oily and dry skin, and are highly un-likely to clog your pores. We need oil to have the healthiest skin possible. Oils protect our skin barrier from losing moisture.

 "Will my skin go through a 'purge' from using oils?"

Every skin type is different, and due to our non-comedogenic blends it is highly unlikely that you will break out. The specially selected ingredients are formulated to heal blemish prone skin/blemish scars. However with every skin type being unique there is a chance you may break out from using a new product. This normally lasts between 1-3 weeks more or less while the skin detoxes from underlying congestion and adjusts to the new product. After 3-4 weeks all our customers have come out with with refined, soft, less irritated, less inflamed and more balanced skin. 


"Can I use The Potion while pregnant?"

There are no human studies on topical application of tranexamic acid while pregnant. While tranexamic acid, isn't known to be a problem for topical use while pregnant , we don't have enough data to give a definitive yes answer and this is best left with you and your chosen physician to discuss. Our azelic acid derivative and niacinamide found in The Potion are both safe to use whilst pregnant.


"Why is my Blue Moon a little more green tinged than my last batch?"

Due to the nature of using natural products to colour, each batch can vary from a more greener tone to a more blue tone. Blue tansy is a highly adulterated oil in the industry unfortunately, and is at risk of overharvestation. We purchase our blue tansy from Doterra, who provide certifications of testing and for harvesting practises for their essential oils, so we know we are getting the most premium quality blue tansy. 

"Can I use Nightbloom whilst pregnant?"

Our Nightbloom contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is stated not safe for use in pregnancy for percentages 2% and up, Nightbloom contains 1%, which is in the safe range, how ever we recommend against using whilst pregnant to be on the safe side.