The history of hair oiling.

The history of hair oiling.

Hair oiling has gained a lot of traction in western society in the past couple of years through social media, but scalp oiling isn’t a new trend. 



Hair oiling has been a part of many cultures for thousands of years - the ancient Egyptians used castor & almond oil to strengthen, protect their hair and promote growth. in Japan, camellia oil was used to promote long shiny tresses. Middle Eastern cultures swear by black seed oil and in Slavic cultures they infused burdock root - (and sometimes cayenne powder, in Vodka) in oil before applying. 


However, hair oiling is deeply rooted and a most practised tradition amongst South Asia, stemming from the origins of Ayurveda.

Traditionally, Ayurvedic herbs would be infused into oils and massaged into the scalp and hair to combat hair loss, graying and promote health & growth. With recipes being passed down through generations of women. 


Hair oiling isn’t just for beauty and hair health, but is just as much a ritual of bonding among mothers and daughters - with many women from these cultures having fond memories of sitting at their mother's feet having their hair slicked back in oils.

Hair oiling is also an amazing form of self-love therapy when practised on oneself. To take the time to warm up your chosen oil, brush your hair lovingly and carefully apply the oils, while taking the time for a self scalp massage. 

The accompanying scalp massage not only promotes blood flow and relieves stress & anxiety, but is believed to open up the crown chakra - the spiritual bodies centre of wisdom and enlightenment.


Hair has always been one of mankind’s most treasured possessions, and hair oiling is one of the best rituals to keep your hair and scalp in its healthiest states. 

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