Probiotics in your skincare, are they just a gimmick?

Probiotics in your skincare, are they just a gimmick?

From DIY blogs touting the benefits of applying yoghurt as a face mask to products promoting their probiotic infused skincare, it all sounds dreamy, but is it legit?

First let's dive into our skin microbiome.

It might feel like our skin is just a non-living leather suit that locks all our meaty bits in.. but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Our skin is a living and complex organ, and is home to a vast array of microbes that affect the health of our skin, and the health of us. There are actually more bacterial cells on our skin than skin cells! 

Studies have also shown that some bacteria’s in our skin interacts with our internal immune system, to help fight infection! So cool! 

The microbiome also aids in minimising oxidative damage, aids in wound healing and keeps the skin plump and moist. 


So how do pre & probiotics work? 

First things first - it is almost impossible to keep probiotics alive in a shelf stable formula. Any product that contains water needs a preservative, preservatives will kill off all bacterias. There are only a couple of probiotic skincare formulas on the market but they just be refrigerated and don't last as long as your typical products on the market. 

What the majority of companies are referring to are postbiotics.

Postbiotics are the active by-products from lysates of probiotic bacteria. Postbiotics offer similar benefits as probiotics, but are a more efficient way to get the good bacteria into your skin, since probiotics are destroyed by the preservatives and environment of our products. Postbiotics are not a living organism like probiotics, and are more resistant to being destroyed.

Prebiotics work as ‘food’, to feed the good bacteria in our microbiome. Keeping our microbiome's good bacterias strong and abundant, and keeping our skin healthy.


Both work together to significantly increase the amount of good bacteria in our skin, reduce inflammation and redness, strengthen the skin barrier and greatly improve the overall health of our skin. 


The skin and gut microbiome are connected, and work in synergy to improve immunity, reduce inflammation & skin irritation, improve mood & sleep and so much more. 

More studies are needed to know extent of benefits that good bacteria in our skincare can provide. But from what we have been seeing so far, thi

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