Can vitamin C and niacinamide be used together?

Can vitamin C and niacinamide be used together?

We have seen this question asked countless times, and often with an incorrect answer that niacinamide and vitamin C, can't be combined.


The notion of vitamin C and niacinamide being incompatible stems from an outdated study from the 1960’s, that included combining pure ascorbic acid and niacinamide, and held the combination of the two at an extremely high temperature turning the niacinamide into niacin, not something that happens in real-world storage or general usage of our skincare. 


What’s more: the concern of these incompatibility’s only applies to pure ascorbic acid, not to the derivatives such as tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, ascorbyl glucoside and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate.


So, can vitamin C and niacinamide be used together? 

yes, it is perfectly safe to combine the two! 


In fact, niacinamide and Vitamin C are a great combo to include in your skincare arsenal, as both work to combat and prevent pigmentation through different channels, are great antioxidants, enhance brightening, and assist with well ageing in the skin.


also worth noting - Vitamin C is naturally occurring within our skin. If vitamin C and niacinamide weren’t compatible, topical use of niacinamide would result in skin issues, or not work at all! 


So if you want noticeably brighter, firmer, more even skin, give the combo of niacinamide and vitamin C a try! our Blue Moon and The Potion contain niacinamide and vitamin C and are an amazing pair.

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